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About Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

Classical yoga philosophy offers a vast and ancient resource of practical techniques for uniting body, mind, and spirit.  As a self-study, yoga enhances our strengths while rooting out the unhealthy thought patterns that are at the foundation of stress and suffering.  The sessions are offered privately or in small groups, informed by the student’s unique intention and lifestyle and may incorporate: pranayama (breathing), asanas (yoga postures), movement, application of yamas/niyamas (observances and restraints), karma yoga (yoga of service/work life), bhakti yoga (yoga of love/relationships), managing cravings/ food balancing, and energy balancing. This therapeutic approach can be especially beneficial to individuals with the following stress-related conditions:  high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, work stress, weight loss/gain, cancer, insomnia, chronic pain, back injuries, asthma and respiratory issues, and grief. 

"I am so grateful for your support – I am relieved to find a path that moves away from chronic pain." -KS


What does a Yoga Therapist do?

  • Listens to you with compassion.

  • Provides personalized, practical methods for stress-reduction and self-care.

  • Takes an integrative approach to wellness, balancing the systems of body, mind, and spirit through physical poses, breath-work, meditation, and philosophy. 

  • Helps you to find the answers within yourself.

  • Does not prescribe cures or aim to “fix;” honoring your innate wholeness. 

  • Provides a safe, welcoming space for you to find peace with yourself and your life.

LOCATION: Simple Soul Yoga, Cobblestone Corner, 76 State Route 101A, Unit 10  in Amherst NH 

In special cases, I will travel to a student's home to support the healing process (such as new mothers, elders, and students with limited mobility).  Outdoor and remote sessions are also available.

TUITION & TIMINGEach lesson is 60-90 minutes in length and ranges in price from $75-$100 based on lesson length, focus.  Multi-class packages are available for weekly or monthly sessions. BOOK A LESSON

Private Yoga Therapy 

Yoga therapy is ideal for individuals with stress-related conditions, or those who wish to deepen their self-study and apply yogic principles to everyday life.  Students learn personalized techniques for stress reduction and unifying body, mind, and spirit. Receive individualized instruction and a yoga program based on your intentions and abilities. Students benefit most from a series of 4-8 private lessons. NEW STUDENT INQUIRY

Private Yoga for Children/Teens with Special Health Concerns

This is an opportunity for personalized attention for students age 8-years or older who have special health concerns such as anxiety, asthma, injury, autism, down syndrome, or grief.  I design the class to incorporate breathwork, self-calming techniques, yoga poses, self-expression, and relaxation.  Caregivers are welcome to join the lesson. Students benefit most from weekly sessions for a month or longer.  NEW STUDENT INQUIRY

Teen Yoga Therapy
Available for individuals or groups.  Learn practical techniques to bring balance to your body and mind.  Build strength, flexibility, and self-awareness in a welcoming and fun environment. Discover your own inner strength and beauty as you reinforce your healthy habits in body, mind, and spirit.  Learn to re-condition daily patterns through deep breathing and guided relaxation.  Students benefit most from a series of 4-8 private lessons.  NEW STUDENT INQUIRY

Businesses and Schools: Yoga Therapy on Site 

Custom workshops and private yoga therapy can be offered on site at your workplace.  Businesses and schools offer this as a benefit to their employees by scheduling a block of time for private yoga therapy before, during, or after the workday.  I collaborate with individuals to support their health goals and help them discover fresh energy and a relaxed state of mind.  Rates vary based on location, please SUBMIT A REQUEST for details.

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

Yoga seeks to enhance our strengths and root out the unhealthy thought patterns that are at the foundation of stress and suffering. Ultimately, we discover what it is to be balanced in our own unique way. We will most likely always have challenges before us, and Yoga gives us the tools to not only face such difficulties, but come through them having gained valuable lessons, greater Self awareness, peace, and excitement about our purpose in life.

–Julie Rost, YogaLife Institute

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