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I was so impressed by the mandala cards, I find them easy to use and inviting!  My young grandson loves to look at them and soon I know he will be doing the poses that he sees on the cards.


My kindergarten students love-love-love the mandalas! We used them everyday this week!  We have been making a lot of "human" mandalas.  There so many options  with them! Thanks so much!



An educational deck of circular cards for children age 3-8. One side of each card displays a mandala for centering and on the flip side is a collection of photos demonstrating a corresponding yoga pose to practice & play. ​


$20 per set of 10 circular 7.5" yoga mandalas (+ 5.50 shipping within US)


  • Purchase 1 set of 10 cards:  sold out- returning to market in summer 2016

  • Purchase 2 sets of 10 (20 cards): sold out- returning to market in summer 2016

  • Purchase 3 sets of 10 (30 cards): sold out- returning to market in summer 2016


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About the Yoga Mandalas:

Over the past few years I've been inspired by the simplicity of a circle for centering and creative expression.  Using chalk pastels, I have hand-drawn 10 simple circular images that celebrate the diversity of nature and yoga. 

Each mandala drawing corresponds with a specific yoga pose, so on the flip side of the drawing is a collection of photos of my young students practicing that yoga pose outdoors (see 2 sample cards to the left).  The poses that I chose are simple enough for most ages and abilities, yet complex enough to inspire a lifetime of yoga practice.

Several families graciously donated their time to model the poses.  The photos were taken by my husband Nate and they are beautiful and lively, highlighting the many variations possible within and beyond traditional yoga.

I hope to provide children, parents, and teachers with a fun, meaningful resource to learn basic yoga poses within the context of nature, creative movement, and art.  The decks of mandala cards have been produced locally in New Hampshire and 5% of the profits are donated to Beaver Brook Association in Hollis, NH.  Contact me to learn more about this project.

Custom workshops  are available for schools, studios, and families to explore the variety of possibilities with the mandala cards and beyond!  



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