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Pomona College  

Public Policy Analysis/Religious Studies

Comprehensive Yoga Therapist

certified by YogaLife Institute (300 hours)

Creative Kids Yoga Teacher

certified advanced (200+ hours) 
Kripalu Yoga Teacher

certified by Kripalu Center (200 hours)
Circus Yoga Teacher

​certified by CYT-Ring One (30 hours)



Michelle Wilson Folan, RYT500 values the healing qualities of yoga and works with a diverse range of  students including adults, children, families, teens, seniors, and students with disabilities.  She has a creative spirit and loves to be outdoors. She encourages her students to "live" their yoga by practicing deep respect for themselves and the world around them.  Her own life path and personal challenges have helped her to cultivate insight and compassion.  She believes that self-inquiry and love provide the foundation of health.

Through private yoga therapy, Michelle helps students to maintain healthy life choices and alleviate the suffering caused by stress-related conditions including cancer, grief, depression, and anxiety.  She offers a variety of customized techniques to support the balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Michelle is certified in the classical approach to yoga through Comprehensive Yoga Therapy as well as extensive training in Kripalu Yoga and Creative Kids Yoga.

In addition to therapeutic yoga, Michelle designs custom yoga and dance programs for several local schools and public events and offers group classes and workshops at the studio she shares with Peaceful Journeys on 101A in Amherst, NH.  Michelle has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys bringing her yoga students into nature whenever possible.  She has led meditation walks, outdoor Hatha yoga, family yoga in nature, and yoga for a women's winter backpacking program. 

Michelle has also worked extensively in the field of experiential education and wilderness therapy She has led a wide variety of programs for Project Adventure in Beverly, MA, The Browne Center of UNH, Summit Achievement in Maine, and Beaver Brook Association in Hollis, NH.   She has worked with hundreds of youth and college students, directed PA's summer camp, written curriculum for bullying-prevention initiatives, and has worked as a seasonal trainer/facilitator of adventure programs at several sites.   As a core team member of Creative Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program, she assisted workshops for parents and educators for many years with movement pioneer Rosemary Todd Clough.


Michelle and her husband Nate enjoy adventuring with their spirited children and learning through their daily life lessons!

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